If you’re in the Highlandtown area, stop by Skyloft Gallery through the 15th of OCT to see some of my work in person, along with other great local artists.


For all event information and information on the participating artists visit:

Participating artists include:
Nancy Agati
Maria Anasazi
Cynthia Back
Laura Anderson Barbata
Sonia Elizabeth Barrett
Michael Bartmann
Joan Becker
Ava Blitz
Harry Bower
Michele Brody
Nic Coviello
Laure Drogoul
Anda Dubinskis
Mindy Flexer
Candace Fong
Valerie George
Roy Andres Hofer
Ellie Irons
Diedra Krieger
David Lee
Dan Lobdell
Joe Mangrum
Ed Marston
S. Zachary Martin
Austin + Mergold
Daniel Petraitis
Christopher Pierro
Paul Santoleri
Diane Savona
Tremain Smith
Leah Stein Dance Company
Katie Tackman
Denise Karabinus Telang
Blaise Tobia
Roman Tybinko

AIO event flyer